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GreenteQ cylinders

Our doors and windows have  GreenteQ cylinders with 6 deadbolts as standard. These meet the EN 1303 standard, and have high durability as confirmed by 100 000 trials. They also have got a security function - namely locking from both sides. In addition they are secured, against both pulling and broaching. GreenteQ cylinders are resistant to opening by a passkey or by a panel pin shaped mushroom. GreenteQ cylinders have with 3 keys in each set, and these are made of nickel-plated and lustreless brass.

Available: double cylinder, single cylinder and Euro Cylinder and Thumbturn.

Winkhaus cylinders

For more demanding customers we have  keyTec VS cylinders from Winkhaus, with a security card. They can be used as a single cylinder or as a cylinders under a unique Master Key System. This second system give ability to open different doors (such as: front door, garage, and French windows with lock), with only one key.

Cylinders wiht single security card

A special security card must be used to make a copy of a key or a cylinder  for our single-cylinder lock.

Identically coded cylinders

This variant allows many cylinders to be opened by a single key. It is possible to make a new key and cylinders but only with the security card.

Master key cylinders

In the Master key suites, a group of cylinders, each fitted with a special set of master keyed pins allows one key to open ALL of the locks under the existing master suite. Subsequently each individual lock can only be opened with a different key which can only open that specific lock. This is a useful system for office buildings, hotels and similar well-organized places. Each system incorporates a security card, and it is possible to make  both new keys and cylinders, but only by using the security card.