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Warm edge

One of the opurtinity to improve thermal conductivity of the windows is usage of warm edge spacer bars instead of standard aluminium bars. It reduces heat losses through edges of the glass. Due to warm edge spacer bars there is higher temperature near the edge of glass. In addition it stops 100% of moisture getting in and insulating gas getting out of the sealed unit through the spacer bar and stops growing mould. In our offer tere are a lot of warm edge spacer bars but one is really worth to look at -

SWISSPACER V. They are made of high quality organic material and it's avaible in 6 colours so you can fit it to an elevation colour.

The warm edge spacer bars Swisspacer V - Psi value linear heat conductivity at the edge of glass is 0,032 W/m2K. Due to use of Swisspacer V instead of standard aluminium bars means improvement of the thermal insulation features of the window by reducing Uw rate 0,1 W/m2K, it means lower heating costs.