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activPilot Select

Large window areas for light-flooded rooms are characteristic of modern architecture. This means heavy sashes – especially where heat and noise insulating triple glazing is chosen. The activPilot Select fittings design is not impaired by visible bearing pieces in sashes up to 150kg.

fully concealed turn-tilt fitting

ActivPilot Select allows you to design your windows attractively. The window design is not impaired by visible bearing pieces because they are integrated in the rebate. The ideal solution for the demanding aesthetic requirements of modern building concepts. activPilot Select gives you the ability to implement timelessly beautiful designs, not only in new buildings, but also in renovation and restoration work. This helps to keep the original looks of old buildings. A major advantage of buildings listed for preservation.

suitable for sash weights of up to 150 kg and sash areas of up to 3 m²

The standard activPilot Select turn-tilt fitting is designed for a sash weight of 100 kg. Two add-on modules are all it takes to boost the bearing capacity to 150 kg at a later stage. Unique technology by Winkhaus. activPilot Select enables you to implement window areas of up to 3 m² per sash.

comfort and care

The wide opening angle of over 95° means that windows fitted with activPilot Select offer a high level of convenience. No external bearing elements must be cleaned; and this makes care very simple. Even years later, activPilot Select will continue to enthrall the viewer with its plain, perfect elegance.