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The fanlight openers

The fanlight openers are used to tilt the widow sashes, which are mounted in not available places -they can't be open and close by a handle, mostly they are too high to reach them. Operation: by lever handle, pivoted lever, lever with transmission or spindle  drive.

At our offer you can find the fanlight opener Primat FL190, its characteristics:

Increased durability - maximum sash weight is 40 kg/m2 for FL 190 with maximum weight up to 80 kg of the sash.

An additional third point of the locking for high bottom-hung windows, fitted on sides, with adjustable closure pressure.

An easy operating with wide opening about 190mm.

An anti dirt profile gives smooth running and high durability.

A lever with the ergonomic hole gives handling comfort and closing possibility.

additional equipement

Additional locking arrangements for high bottom-hung windows, fitted on sides. An additiona side locking is recommended for the sashes more than 800mm height.

A flexible rod is used to avoid a windowsill or a ledge and for an atypical constructions.