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Winkhaus STV multi-point locks

Winkhaus STV multi-point locks

The front door are not only a decoration but also should protect our house. Multi-point STV locks meet european safety standards for anti-theft doors (EN 1303:2005). The main advantage of the multi-point Winkhaus locks is protection against break-in not only in the middle part of the door where the main lock and cylinder are mounted, but also the upper and lower parts of the door. The number of hook-shaped deadlocks depends of the door type and a customer. A stadndard front door can be locked even in five points (that's why they are multi-point locks).

The advantages of multi-point door locks

The STV Winkhaus locks block doors by special deadlocks. Their construction and solidity provide high anti-theft protection. The application of STV lock with more deadlocks (maximally 5) improve our safety and prolong the failure-free exploitation of the door. The door leaf adheres better to the frame, while maintaining the original shape. Exact pressing the sash to frame is particularly important in case of light side doors, which more often undergo deformation.

The solid fasteners are the important part of STV locks. Screwed in many pionts to the door frame the increase anti-theft protection. In addition they improve stability of STV locks by distribution of the forces which tighten the door sash to frame on the whole door. A regulated pocket fastener and a correctly shaped deadlock gives the possibility of optimal sash to the frame pressure.

The precise lock construction enables its operation with a key or by handle. The STV locks involve sprocket wheels from sintered metal provide long-term functioning. Bolting of the door means mechanical blockade which unable returning the bolting elements to the starting position. The mechanical structure of security door locking devices ensures that no forces stress the cam when the door is bolted. This permits the key to be inserted without problems in the locking cylinder at any time

The STV locks are tasted in european labs. High quality and safety are verified by proper certificates. These locks can be used to anti-theft door. Tested to 150,000 cycles the sprung gearbox.

Depending on the lock type there are two ways of a door locking and unlocking:

1- with a key

2- handle operate by 45 ° (keyless locking).

Keyless operating of the STV locks requires using the double handle (from outside and inside).