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Renolit veneers

Renolit veneers contains the company’s sophisticated surface structures, the range of wood grains and solid colours contains metallic effects as well as matt finishes which are easy to adjust to the individual customer's taste. To expand our offer, VEKA joinery can be produced not only in one colour but on the customer's request in two different colours - one from the outside and different from the inside. That's why windows profiles are available in a few variants: non foiled profiles (white), one side foiled profiles (colour + white), double side foiled profiles (one colour from both sides or two different colours). The Perfectline profiles can also provide coextrusion, the filed profile is co-extruding in two colours. The outside of the profile is dyed in the mass (stained PVC) and the colour is similar  to the veneer's colour. The correctly stained profile under the veneer masks mechanical damages of the joinery through the years of the exploitation.