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The fittings elements hidden between the sash and frame decide what functions of the window are available. All modern fittings have 3 positions as standard: open, close and tilt. The innovative activPilot fittings system has got additional features that increase the convenience and safety od window operating. The activPilot fittings is also distinguished by an attractive design.


The activPilot locking system is based on the octagonal locking bolts. These bolts cooperate with standard or steel anti-burglar keeps. The security level is based on the number of steel anti-burglar keeps. The more steel keeps the higher security of the window. This modular fitting system is easily adapted to meet individual security requirements up to resistance class 1 or 2. You only need to change correct number of the keeps and add the certificated handle with a key, It's possible, even after many years of the window usage.

The activPilot locking system based on security points (the octagonal locking bolts and the steel anti-burglar keeps) gives different burglary-resistant classes.

The burglary-resistant window up to class 1 and 2 must:
- be equipped with the certificated fittings with the security points in class 1 or 2 in accordance with ENV 1627-1630;
- be made of strengthened steel structural profile;
- have an anti-theft glass
- have a key operated handle
- be correctly mounted in the wall by an authorized mounting group.

The activPilot fittings is in accordance with ENV 1627-1630.

Easy to adjust

The temperature changes cause expansion and contraction of the pvc profiles. Therefore, it requires periodic adjustment of sash clamp to the frame. Octagonal locking bolt enables easy manual adjustment of pressure. Turning the locking bolt, you can reduce downforce sash to frame in summer and increase in winter. Winkhaus ActivPilot is the world's only hardware system equipped in such a way locking.

Premium quality

The Winkhaus activPilot fi tting‘s premium quality is documented by RAL lifecycle testing. You can rest assured in the knowledge that you are buying a quality product.

Attractive design

The attractive design of the fitting elements gives windows a special quality that sets them apart from run-of-the-mill, mass-produced products. Add value to your windows with Winkhaus activPilot.

Flexible retrofitting

The innovative, modular activPilot system is easily extendable and supports additional functionality. You too can benefi t from activPilot‘s fl exibility for a completely ‚new home‘ happiness feeling.

Variable tilt device MSL.OS

The MSL mechanism responsible for a variable tilt function. Instead of one position of the tilt there are five. A tilted window is protected against slamming. With MSL fresh air ventilation is easily regulated individually and energy losses are avoided.

Dual function element DFE includes the fail safe device with a sash lifter. With this mechanism is impossible to tilt the window when the window is open. So the window sash can't move out from the upper hinge. The lifter lift a sash and smoothly ran from open to close position. This function is strongly recommended for big windows.

Triple function element TFE combines the fail safe device, the sash lifter with the balcony latch. Coming out on the balcony, we close the door, pulling a special handle. The latch holds the wing in the frame. The door will open again under light pressure from the outside.

Double sash windows with  'flying moullion" are equipped with double sash drive rod a button. Pressing the button ejects the lever and opens the second sash. This solution is very smart and effective.