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activPilot Control

Winkhaus has developed a new dimension in window surveillance systems with a pioneering technological design for window fittings – the fitting-integrated lock sensor with RFID transponder technology. Unique on the market, this window fitting replaces the standard magnetic alarm contact in such systems by an RFID-controlled lock sensor. This technology significantly increases the protection from sabotage and manipulation of the locking control device. The RFID signal contacts have been approved by VdS Schadenverhutung GmbH and certified to VdS class C.

the new generation of locking sensors

The exceptionally high level of security offered by the RFID system is a result of the contactless transmission between the window sash and the window frame. The window sash holds a transponder while the frame contains the corresponding lock sensor. These two components form a unique pair and communicate with one another via an individually coded contactless connection.

When the window sash is closed and locked, the transponder is passed over the lock sensor and the sensor detects its presence. The sensor relays the identification data to a burglar alarm. If a different transponder comes near the contact, the system detects it is different and immediately sets off the alarm.