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Slide and tilt fitting with forced action

The duoPort SK-Z is the Winkhaus slide-tilt fitting convenience model. It boasts all the quality features included in the basic SK-S design while offering additional functions. The locking mechanism is particularly smooth-running; it can be activated using the ergonomic lever handle with minimum effort.

Forced action

Users only need to gently press the disengaged handle to close the window element or to place it in the required open position. Such smooth handling is made possible by the integrated, handle-operated shear module. Even large window elements weighing up to 200 kg can be moved effortlessly and conveniently using the duoPort SK-Z.

Innovative bogies design

A special, single-piece, tandem bogie for window sashes up to 200 kg ensures smooth operation and stability thanks to an enlarged contact surface and extended anchorage points. Sash rebate widths up to 2,000 mm can thus be reliably installed.

Perfect functionality and an easy operation

- Easier, gentler slide

- Greater operating convenience when sliding and closing

- Greater protection and functions for slide-tilt elements

- Optimised glide performance

Individual security levels

The Winkhaus modular system enables the duoPort SK fitting system to be very easily adapted to satisfy individual security requirements. Both basic and advanced duoPort SK system models feature solid mushroomhead locking bolts. When the fittings are equipped with security keeps on all sides, burglary resistance is improved to meet DIN resistance class RC2 / RC2 N  requirements.

silver Ferroguard coating*