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Who are we?

Who are we?

Welcome to Warmińska Fabryka Okien "POSTĘP" Sp. z o.o.
Our factory has been producing windows since 2003. For many years, we've been gaining experience, which we use to improve our products. Our windows and doors are present in thousands of Polish homes. Thanks to high quality they've also gained the recognition of demanding customers in many European countries.For the production of our products we use only the highest quality materials and all our windows are manufactured on the basis of VEKA window profiles - only class A.

What distinguishes our products?

We are a company for whom customer satisfaction is the overriding factor. Our clients are mainly professionals, institutions, individuals who appreciate both the high quality of our products and timely deliveries. Thanks to a thorough analysis and understanding of the needs we are able to meet the challenges posed by the most demanding customers and deliver our products to the most demanding European markets.


Choosing cooperation with our company you choose:

1. The trusted partner, not a big corporation..

2. The products of the very good price-performance ratio.

3. The products tailored to customer expectations.

4. Short deadlines

5. Complete product with delivery to the customer.