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We offer the aluminium joinery in the anodisated colours at the customers request. The anodisation is one of the galvanisation methods, it is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. The anodized aluminium layer is grown by passing a direct current through an electrolytic solution, with the aluminium object serving as the anode (the positive electrode). The current releases hydrogen at the cathode (the negative electrode) and oxygen at the surface of the aluminium anode, creating a build-up of aluminium oxide. Alternating current and pulsed current is also possible but rarely used. The voltage required by various solutions may range from 1 to 300 V DC, although most fall in the range of 15 to 21 V. Due to this process with thick porous coatings that can absorb dyes that are more lightfast and indelible colours.

* Between showed examples and original colours can be differences which are no reason for complaint